Completes the puzzle of effectively removing stains, preserving the quality of clothing and achieving cost-effectiveness

Market Challanages

Common stains contain various elements that cannot be removed with a single enzyme.

It takes knowledge, experience, and laboratory equipment to produce a good and cost-effective enzyme mixture for effective removal of various kinds of stains. It is not possible for all detergent manufacturers to satisfy all these conditions.

Our Solution

Everybody can use enzyme mixtures because they allow cost-effective and proper stain removal by following simple instructions.

Short Description


  • An optimal combination of protease, lipase, amylase, and mannanase



  • Complete removal of the stains  due to the presence of enzymes effective in removing stains and because of the synergistic effects of the enzymes
  • Preservation of the interlacing pattern of the warp and weft in the fabric and its color and enhancement of fabric smoothness and softness
  • Ease of using the enzyme and preparing the optimal formulation

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