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Our Story


Bioluenceteam is a fast growing company that localized producing enzymes technology and it is a subsidiary of Banda Development Group Holding by using knowledgeable and specialist persons, designs and builds a factory in the field of producing biological products on an industrial scale.

Our manufacturing capabilities are divided in three various categories, feed and food enzymes, starter cultures and biological supplements.
Our main focus is innovation, creativity and development of new products with high quality based on modern aspects of the BIOTECHNOLOGY & NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY which design by experienced specialists.

  • Effective in Biotechnology Industry
  • Achieving Novel Biological Technologies
  • Upgrading Qualitative Standards
  • Improving Lifestyle by Using Biological Products

Start the Activity (in Tehran, Iran)

Started activity of Research & Development to obtain technical knowledge of enzyme production in various industry.


Factory Establishment

Establishing a factory in Safadasht industrial park in a land with an area of 5000 Sq. M. and Foundation of 6300 Sq. M. for producing various biological products


Introducing and launching products to the market

Producing enzymes for dairy, meat, poultry, starch, and alcohol industry.




4+Years of Exprience
140Satisfied Customer
200Expert Employment


Research & Development Department

Innovation is a key lever for our business to meet sustainable growth and to achieve competitive advantages.


R&D activities encompass nothing more than the means allowing our company to be innovative enough to pursue this end.
In R&D department we are following:
Innovation, Making the R&D decision,Project Design, Product Development, Proprietariness, Risk & Cost evaluation, Activities Optimization
gantt chart & time planning, New Product Launch,
Marketing & Customers training

Quality Department

We execute new definition of Quality more rigid than Standard Regulations to be leader of Biotechnology market as we are Bioluencer.


The quality Control and The Quality Assurance of products are two keywords and operational terms at our Organization that all other departments are obligated to observe and execute them to be sure of high level of Quality.

Sales & Marketing Department

The main mission of the Sales & Marketing Department is to expand business and make an effective connection with our clients and prospects across the world in line with the company’s strategy.


The sales and marketing departments within our organization are inextricably linked. Our marketing team serves as the umbrella function and manages advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. Marketing team also follow market and decide about our product research and development, pricing, distribution, customer service, sales and communications.
Sales department advises the marketing department based on its feedback with customers and focuses on customer contact to drive sales. The marketing department advice the sales team what to emphasize and what sales tools is will use.