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Due to their shallow penetration, surfactants are not effective removers of all types of stains. Furthermore, certain stains (e.g. blood stains) cannot be removed by washing and traces of blood plasma are left on the fabric.

Our Solution

In addition to removing stubborn stains such as blood stains, protease removes sweat, egg, and other protein-based stains

Short Description


  • Alkaline protease together with alkaline amylase and alkaline lipase, alkaline mananase and alkaline cellulase
  • Proprietary formulation for removing stains from various fabrics in aqueous media



  • No need for soaking clothes
  • No need for washing with hot water
  • Removal of stubborn  stains such as blood, ink, and milk stains
  • Reduction in surface tension and prevention of reformation of degraded proteins
  • Increased emulsifying and foaming properties

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