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Transglutaminase enzymes catalyzes an acyl-transfer reaction in which the γ-carbetamide groups of peptide-bound glutaminyl residues are the acyl donors. The enzyme catalyzes in vitro cross-linking in whey proteins, soya proteins, wheat proteins, beef myosin, casein and crude actomyosin refined from mechanically deboned meat. It was observed that food treated with microbial transglutaminase improves the flavor, appearance and texture. In addition, this enzyme could increase shelf-life and reduces allergenicity of certain foods.

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Bontamin DY®

Bontamin DY®function on milk substrates is “anchoring” serum proteins to casein, as a result, to improve the texture and final yield in cheese and yoghurt it improves the texture by reducing non-fat solids, helps viscosity with perceived creaminess and reduces syneresis. It could also increase the yield in cheese and the mouthfeel of frozen desserts. The Bontamin DY® by increasing activity in milk systems, could be applied in all types of rennet cheese (fresh, semi-soft, semi-firm, hard, etc), cheese-type quark and kefir as well as full-fat and skimmed yoghurts
Bontamin DY® in yogurt:

  • Saving costs by replacing/reducing the added protein powder and/or stabilizers
  • Increasing the viscosity/gel strength of both stirred and set yoghurt
  • Reducing syneresis and gives a smooth surface
  • Increasing creaminess and texture in low fat Yoghurt

Bontamin DY®in cheese:

  • Improving yield by 10% - 20% in cheese
  • Increasing consistency and viscosity
  • Improving the firmness
  • Improving the color
  • Decreasing amount of Cheese Clot water