Starch Industry


The starch industry is the first sample of enzyme usage at industry, which uses industrial enzymes. Many valuable products are obtained from starch. Reaction efficiency, specific action, the ability to work under moderate conditions, and a high degree of purification and standardization all make enzymes ideal catalysts for the starch industry. Furthermore, enzyme reactions are easily controlled and can be stopped when the desired degree of starch conversion is reached.
Enzymatic hydrolysis is used to make syrups through liquefaction, saccharification, and isomerization.

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Bonamyl HS

Cornstarch is the most widespread raw material used in syrup making, followed by wheat, potato, and rice. As starch is only slowly degraded with using alpha-amylases, starch slurry containing 30–40% dry matter needs first to be gelatinized and liquefied to make the starch susceptible to further enzymatic breakdown.

Bonamyl HS®is a Heat-Stable Bacterial alpha-Amylase, which is made through deep fermentation and extraction techniques. It is an endo-amylase which hydrolyses the α-(l,4)-linkages in starch (amylose and amylopectin) almost randomly. The breakdown products formed are mainly soluble dextrins and oligosaccharides. In consequence, Bonamyl HS is often referred to as a ‘liquefying amylase’. Bonamyl HS® is available in liquid form with a standardized activity.

  • Reducing the viscosity of the gelatinized starch
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving the operating conditions
  • Reducing reaction time



Gucoamylase is the first Saccharification enzyme in food industry. After Liquefaction this enzyme completely breaks down starch to glucose by hydrolysing α-I,4-linkages as well as α-I,6-linkages in liquefied starch (amylose and amylopectin).
Pullulanase hydrolyses the α-I,6-glycosidic bonds in starch which has been partly hydrolyzed by α-Amylase, provided that there are at least two glucose units in the side chain. It is suitable for debranching starch after liquefaction.

Bonamix® is a balanced mixture of Glucoamylase and Pullulanase which is available in liquid form with standardized activity.

  • More efficiency
  • Higher degree of purity
  • Easier crystallization
  • Production of high glucose syrups
  • Processing aid in the high fructose corn syrup production
  • Improving the performance of saccharification step