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Animal health is one of the most important goals of livestock feed additive companies. Animal health influences human health and food security. In Bioluence group, we are working on developing domestic animals health products and improving their functions. Bioluence goal is to help to increase the productivity of breeders and improve community health. Enzymes, probiotics, organic acids, and other biological products can help to improve animal health and increase feed efficiency. We are designing and improving new products by reviewing novel researches and employing the superior experts in the field of domestic animals.

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Bonfezyme®to break down phytate P (the main form of P in grains) allowing better absorption of grain P by poultry (and other monogastric animals such as swine) and reduces the need for addition of calcium phosphate supplements.
Bonfezyme®is essential additive for improving nutritional value of feed and enhancing animal growth performance, growth and health. It hydrolyzes phytate substrates to release phosphorous in a availabale form which animals could absorb efficiently, resulting in a lower demand for supplemental inorganic phosphorus source like DCP and MCP. Moreover, the addition of phytase to feed results in a lower excretion of the phosphorous content in manure, contributing to a lower environmental impact of livestock farming.

AddingBonfezyme®to the diet increases phytate breakdown and consequent utilization of plant phosphorus. If more phosphorus is available naturally, then less of this substance has to be added to the diet. This greatly reduces feed costs.
Bonfezyme®is a novel and cost-effective tool in poultry diets that improves phosphorus utilization from phytin. Our enzyme increases phytic acid degradation and the availability of plant phosphorus sources could have major benefits for poultry producers, including:

  • Lower levels of inorganic phosphorus in diets
  • Reduction of feed costs
  • Better sustainability of animal production



BONALYZE ®is a novel Xylanase enzyme, which has stunning performance in improving the performance of poultry and other monogastric.
Due to the lack of Xylanase in the digestive tract of poultry and other monogastric, digestion of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) is not well done..

BONALYZE ®can convert xylan in plants into lower molecular weight molecules such as xylose. It also releases a lot of protein and sugar and increases the nutritional value of the diet.

  • Degradation of the plant cell wall, the release of nutrients enclosed in it, increases feed efficiency
  • Reduces viscosity of gastrointestinal tract, increases feed intake, improve production performance
  • Restricts the growth of anaerobic microorganisms such as clostridium
  • Xylan hydrolysis and microbial flora balance in the gastrointestinal tract and helps maintain intestinal health
  • Improves protein, energy and mineral bioavailability
  • Helps protect the environment