GUTROCARE Bee: a probiotic product specially designed for honeybees

Market Challanages

Maintaining gastrointestinal microbiota balance is a crucial prerequisite for growth, immune structure, and protection against pathogenic agents in the beekeeping business. Consequently, the intestinal bacterial population can be considered a health indicator for honeybees. In fact, any positive or negative change in the gastrointestinal microbial population can provide us with a tool and strategy for disease management during beekeeping operations. There are several mechanisms explaining the effects of probiotics on pathogens, such as inhibiting the pathogens directly through the secretion of antimicrobial compounds, stimulating the immune system, and competing with other microorganisms existing in feed. Furthermore, probiotics can increase the quality of honey by degrading sucrose in the gastrointestinal tract.

Our Solution

GUTROCARE Bee: A probiotic product specially designed for honeybees.


Total Lactic Acid Count:          2.8 × 108 (CFUs/g)

Bacillus subtilis:           1.0 × 108 (CFUs/g)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae:     1.0 × 107 (CFUs/g)


Hives with more than 10 frames: Dissolve 10 g of probiotic powder in sugar syrup or add it directly to the diet of each hive.

Hives with less than 10 frames: Dissolve 5 g of probiotic powder in sugar syrup or add it directly to the diet of each hive.


This product is available in 500-g, 10-kg, and 20-kg packs.

Short Description


  • Improving the queen’s reproductive and ovulation performance
  • Increasing hive population
  • Reducing the mortality rate and increasing the lifespan of honeybees
  • Increasing honey production
  • Increasing the size of wax cells
  • Improving the performance of the immune system and increasing resistance to diseases caused by varroa mites
  • Increasing the quality of produced honey
  • Reducing the effects of transport and heat stress

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