Opening of Bonda Faravar Factory

The opening of Tosse Bonda Faravar factory was at 2nd of February 2020 by honorable Vice President of Science & Technology Dr. Sattari, Minister of MOH, Dr. Namaki and supervisor of MAJ, Mr. Keshavarz with a team of PMs, deputies and senior manager of relevant ministries.
During of opening, all visitors expressed their satisfaction with design and construction of this complex, and considered it a major step in biotechnology industry, especially the production of enzyme in the country which could certainly meet a large part of the country’s needs in the industry.
The plant started in two Fermentation and Formulation sections with an area of about 6500 m2, with 10 fermenters in 15,000 liters in two separate lines. Finally, the product is inserted into 3 separate spray dryers and the concentrated enzyme product or API is produced. Formulation section with capacity of 1500 tons of solid enzyme in powder, plate and granule forms and 1500 tons of liquid enzyme per year can formulate all APIs produced in the previous section and provide the finished product to the consumers not only It has a lot of domestic demand but is also able to export due to the requirements such as GMP and FSSC. The complex has 1200 m2 of Clean Room which Formulation and Quality Control sections in.
The enzymes produced in this complex are used in various industries including food, livestock and poultry or Feed and Humans and are practically recognized as the largest enzyme production plant in the country.


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