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Enzymes are very important ingredient used in flour & bakery products. Enzymes improve bread features like volume, color flavor, texture and shelf life. Enzymes, despite low consumption in formulation, enzymes are highly effective and ultimately create a competitive advantage and produce health-oriented products for the producer and increase added value for consumers.
In recent years, increasing knowledge and consumer information in the field of chemical and carcinogenic raw materials has led customers to focus on health-oriented products.

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Bonamyl FB®

Bonamyl FB®is a new generation of fungal alpha amylase, which effects on damaged or gelatinized starch. Suitable dosages of enzyme lead to the desired improvement of dough and the final product.
The volume and crumb structure improves with increasing levels of amylase added to the different flour types, although the extent of the effect is flour dependent.

  • Standardize Falling Numbers
  • Positive Influence on Bread Volume
  • Improvement of Bread Crust Color
  • Anti-Staling Effect
  • Dough Development


Bonamyl MT®

Bonamyl MT®is Bacterial alpha Amylase that is much more heat-stable so due to this reason it has significant action on gelatinized amorphous starch. Modification of gelatinized starch results in an increased the desired softness and shelf life effect.
Bonamyl MT® has intermediate temperature resistance, during the cooking process; it is completely inactive and causes the production of products with the desired elastic structure.

  • Increasing the Final Product Volume
  • Improving the Texture Softness of Bakery Products
  • Sufficient Elastic Properties of Flour Products
  • Anti-Staling Effect and Increase the Shelf Life of Flour Products



Bonapaz® is a lipase enzyme in baking to be
a better successor thanchemical dough strengtheners and emulsifiers. Bonapaz® hydrolyze ester bonds of acylglycerols, yielding mono- and diacylglycerols, free fatty acids and, in some cases, also glycerol.

Bonapaz® preferably hydrolyzes ester bonds at the sn-1 and sn-3 position of the glycerol molecule. These effects could not be obtained by simply adding monoglycerides to the dough, indicating that the amount of emulsifier-like structures formed due to the Bonapaz® action is not fully explaining positive Bonapaz® effects.

  • Increasing dough strength and stability
  • Improving dough machinability
  • Increasingoven spring
  • Improving crumb structure and crumb whiteness
  • Anti-staling and crumb softening effects


Bonalyze DM®

Bonalyze DM®is a type of xylanase enzyme that is widely used in bread and flour products. This enzyme has different formulations that are used depending on the type of product to improve the fermentation process, texture healing, increase the volume, and increase the stability of the dough in the cooking process
Bonalyze DM® by converting insoluble pentose into a soluble form, it improves the elasticity of the gluten network during the kneading stage.

  • Increasing the ability of water to retain in the dough
  • Increasing dough stability
  • Improving the internal texture of flour products
  • Increasing product volume
  • Improving the water holding capacity
  • Reducing bread staling and increasing the shelf life



BonoxidaseGlucose oxidase enzyme is widely used as a dough texture improver in the formulations of flour products. The most important function of this enzyme is on the structure of the gluten network, which increases the stability of the dough in machinability, increases the resistance of the bread crust in the baking process and creates a uniform texture in the final product. This enzyme replaces chemicals and carcinogens such as iodine, peroxidase, ascorbic acid, potassium bromate and azodiocarbonamide.

  • Improving the rheological properties of the dough in the production process
  • Improving texture, freshness and product volume
  • Increasing the stability and machinability of the dough
  • Improving the resistance of the gluten network


Bontease NT®

Bontease NT®Neutral protease enzyme is used in the production process of flour products such as crackers, biscuits, pies, pizzas and in similar items. It’s most important function is to weaken the gluten network, and this action performs by hydrolyzing the covalent bonds of the gluten network. Proteases are commonly used to improve the performance of bulky pastes with high elasticity.

  • Improving the machinability of dough
  • Decreasing gas storage capacity in the dough
  • Improving dough performance and ductility
  • Improving product texture
  • Improving the color and taste of products