Alcohol Industry


Sugar-based raw materials such as cane juice or molasses can be fermented directly to ethanol. However, this is not possible for starch-based raw materials which have to be catalytically converted to fermentable sugars by use of alpha-Amylases, Glucoamylases and related enzymes.

In the alcohol industry, enzymes usually hydrolyze starch in two stages: liquefaction and saccharification. Then the yeast could transform the smaller molecules (mainly glucose) into alcohol..

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Bonamyl HS

Bonamyl HS® is a Heat-Stable Bacterial alpha-Amylase which is made through deep fermentation and extraction techniques. This enzyme hydrolyses the α-l,4-linkages in row material starch.

  • More energy saving in energy consumption
  • Increasing the efficiency to advanced alcohol production



Bonamix® is a balanced mixture of Glucoamylase and Pullulanase which is able to completely hydrolysis starch into fermentable sugars (glucose).
During fermentation, these sugars are converted into alcohol by yeast cell metabolism or in a simultaneous Saccharification and fermentation process.

  • Breaking down starch molecules and dextrins
  • Hydrolyzing the α-I,6-glycosidic bonds in starch
  • Saving tank capacity